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Kapiti DNS

Filtering DNS. Antivirus for the web.


Kapiti is currently in a pre-alpha/prototype state and should not be used outside of testing and development.


Easy Installation

Kapiti is a DNS filter that blocks the spammers, scammers, and advertisers of the world.

However, unlike existing projects it does not need a dedicated environment to run. Instead it comes in a single executable and can just run directly on your machine like any other service.

Low Overhead

Kapiti intends to be fast and efficient, with a reasonable and predictable resource footprint.

It's built as a single Rust process, and avoids reinventing the wheel where it isn't necessary. Low resource requirements ensure that Kapiti can be run on a wide variety of systems - any Rust compilation target should work fine.

Technical Details

How It Works

Kapiti acts as a pass-through proxy for upstream DNS, working as a filter against the requests that are sent to it. The filter itself is driven by override/filter files which allow or deny domains.

Overrides may also include any hardcoded IPv4/IPv6 addresses that Kapiti should return - supporting the format used by /etc/hosts. This ensures that Kapiti can be a full drop-in replacement for your system DNS service.

Record Support

Many DNS implementations will support A (IPv4) records and sometimes AAAA (IPv6) records. Kapiti meanwhile intends to support all current DNS record types, even the really obscure ones. This ensures that it can function as a drop-in proxy for existing DNS, without compromises.


Kapiti is licensed under the FAFOL. This is intended to restrict use of the project for purposes that would be considered unethical by its authors.

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